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We are a youth soccer organization located in Lower Bucks County in Eastern Pennsylvania. The purpose of the Club is to provide a youth soccer program (intramural and travel) for the children of Hulmeville, PA and the surrounding areas of Bucks County. In this website, the Club will post information and news that you will find helpful while participating in the Hulmeville Soccer Club.

Board members are available at the Hoover shed during game days to answer any questions

Latest news

Field Setup

Just a quick shout out to everyone that came out for field setup day today. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the other members of the club, "Thank you". We are all ready to play some fútbol, футбол, fußball, or some good old fashioned Soccer! First games start on the 26th. The latest you should hear from your coach is August 20th. Let us know if you haven't after that date by emailing us at See you on the field!

TeamSnap Update

We will be loading members and game schedules into TeamSnap over the next couple of weeks. Please bear with us as we are once again working with new technology (especially for a club this size). Any questions about your registration should be sent to the HSC Registrar at Any questions regarding TeamSnap, please send an email to --- For our new members, you should receive an email from TeamSnap when your family is loaded. The iPhone/Android app will be free on the appropriate app store. Wait for the email though as it'll make setup easier. Thanks everyone, see you on the field(s).

Congratulations to the Hulmeville Heat 2017 Hershey Cup Champions

The 2005 Hulmeville Heat Girls won the Hershey Cup this weekend. They allowed no goals to get through them throughout the entire tournament. Congratulations girls and job well done!

HSC in Social Media

Lately, there have been a lot of negative reviews expressed though social media. It is not our intention nor desire to debate this private matter in a public forum. However, since the party involved has chosen to make the matter public, HSC is responding. The Hargrave family is aware of the circumstances surrounding HSC’s decision. How they wish to characterize HSC’s motives or behavior on social media is certainly up to them. Mr. Hargraves, while a coach at HSC, and as a member of the Hulmeville Soccer Club, participated in events that led to numerous players leaving HSC and joining another club in the area. HSC views such actions detrimental to HSC’s sustainability and viability. It is our understanding that other organizations have similar policies. While the decision is not an easy one, the HSC Board of Directors believes it is within our prerogative to not have the Hargraves as members of HSC going forward.

2001 Hulmeville Vipers - 2017 State Cup Champions

Congratulations coach Derek Albarran and to the whole team for your dedication and commitment. You make us proud!

We have coupons!

Dick's Sporting Goods has graciously provided coupons to the club for soccer gear you may need throughout the season. Click DSG Coupons on the menu bar to access them. They are good until November 30th, so use them when you can. Feel free to share them to friends, neighbors and colleagues as well.

Congratulations to the Hulmeville Chaos (2001M) - 2017 Easter EDP Tournament Champions!

Excellent job guys! You make us proud.

IFAB introduced new Laws that impact HSC. Check out the Referee's Corner for Details.

Soccer is an ever evolving game. Each year, members of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) meet to refine the existing Laws of the Game. On March 3, 2017, the 131st Annual General Meeting of The IFAB met in London and approved some significant changes to help develop and promote the sport.

Congratulations to the Hulmeville Heat (2005F) - 2 Time YSC Champions!

The Hulmeville Heat (2005F) are two time 2017 YSC Champions! They won both sessions 1 and 2. You guys make us all proud! Go girl power!

Hulmeville Freedom U13F

Congratulations to the Hulmeville Freedom - 2017 Jefferson Cup Champions! Way to go girls!