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Tips for controlling the game.

We want you to maximize the number of points you can get.  As coaches you have certain freedoms to control how your team performs.

* Encourage your players to use their non-dominant foot. 
Your right-handed, only kick with your left foot.  This encourages skills that will come in handy as they grow their game.

* Challenge your players to pass to each other 3 times before they score.
Once again, you are encouraging skills that will benefit your players and slowing down the game.

* Encourage your forward players to pass the ball to the opposing team. 
Give them a chance to score and exercise your defenders at the same time. 

* Pull your strongest player from the field. 
There is no rule that says you must maintain 11 players for a 11v11 game or 7 players for a 7v7.  Explain to your team the point system and how its beneficial to keep the score close.  We know you have a team full of kids that want to play and want to score.  This is the last resort move, but an effective one.