Hulmeville Soccer Club
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Who are we?

We are moms, dads and in some cases grandparents.  We come from all backgrounds, some of us have played soccer all our lives, others of us have never played it.  Some of us are coaches or referees.  No matter what our background is, we are all driven by our desire to see the club grow and thrive.  Board members are volunteers.  It is not a paid position.  We volunteer our time and resources so that the Hulmeville Soccer Club can exist.   

What does the Board of Directors do?

We meet at least once a month.  We organize the events, the field maintaineance, registration, rosters, and everthing else that needs to be done to provide you with the best program possible.  We interact with various organizations and clubs in the area that HSC is a member of or is in partnership with.  When it becomes necessary, we act as arbiter to help settle disputes between teams, players, parents and even other board members.  We work with various vendors in the area, maintain an onlne presence, run the snack shop and even take on the smaller things that keep the club healthy.  We're there during the games.  You will often see us driving around in the golf carts, ready to answer any questions, give rides to those in need or help if a medical issue arrises.  The list goes on and we love doing what we do.

Sounds interesting, can I join?

Joining the Board of Directors is easy enough. Seek out someone from the BoD and introduce yourself.  Tell them that you are interested in helping the club.  You'll probably be invited to the next BoD meeting.  All Board Members are required to be at least 18 years of age and, by Pennsylvania Law, must have all of their Child Abuse Clearances in order. Other than that, all BoD members just need to be willing to participate in club meetings and events and help when it is needed.