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Coaching In-House / Intramural Teams

  1. Does it take any special skills or education to be a coach?

    For intermural/in house coaches, not at all.  It just takes someone willing to take an hour or two out of their week to work with the kids.  

  2. Are there classes available to take if I were interested?

    The class F license, which is the entry level coaching license, is a $25 online course.  
    It is completely optional for "in house", non-travel, coaches.

  3. Can I go further?

    Hulmeville Soccer Club takes pride in its ability to utilize trained referees and coaches.  If you should decide to continue, the class E coaching license is a $150.00 course.  Hulmeville Soccer Club will reimburse you $100.00 if you decide to complete both your class F and class E licenses and coach for Hulmeville Soccer Club.  The Class E license does require some class time.  We will be hosting a class E coaching license class in the near future.  Check out the Coaches menu item for more details.
  4. I'd love to coach, but have so many obligations that could creep up.  What happens if I am unable to continue?

    If you find yourself in this position, we highly recommend finding a friend to co-coach with you. Most of the travel coaches even have backup in case something comes up.  We all know, "life happens".

  5. Do I need any special state or federal clearances to coach?

    Yes you do.  It's free and it only takes 15 minutes.  Most importantly we do this to keep everyone safe when working with our children.  For more information or to obtain your certification, click here.. 

  6. Is coaching a paid position?

    No, it is volunteer.  However, it is not without its perks.  For example, many general meetings include a raffle for Philadelphia Union tickets or other soccer bling. 

  7. What resources are available to help me decide if coaching is the right thing for me?

    Pretty much every existing coach in the club would love to share their experience with you.  There are several resources at the EPYSA Website, US Youth Soccer and even on You Tube

  8. Will I be able to coach my child's team, or can I end up coaching another team?

    We do our best to make sure your child is on your team should you want him or her to be.  More often than not, it's not an issue.  We would talk to you if it were an issue and then let you decide whether you want to continue volunteering or not.

  9. What tools are available to a coach?

    We're trying very hard to bring a host of tools into this site.  The site itself is maintained on a voluntary basis and is dependent on when we have some free time to work on it.  The best option is to ask around.

  10. I still have questions!

    Explore the links at the top of this page.  If you still have questions, stop by the shed at Hoover on the weekend and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.