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Hulmeville Soccer Club is pretty big.  With over 1200 members, we need to share the load of maintaining the club and to make it as efficient as possible.
Please use the appropriate email addresses to contact the right party for your concern, question, or complement.  We'll accept them all...

Email Address



General questions, issues or concerns involving the club's day to day activity.  Any requests for golf cart service to a field, or weather concerns, event dates, etc.


Hulmeville SC web site concerns, issues or comments.


Anything to do with advertising or spreading the word about an event.   This will go to the directors that control the web site, facebook, twitter and mass email.


Anything to do with uniforms, equipment, banners, etc.


The director in charge of coaches, coaching, etc.


Anything to do with club pictures, picture day, etc.


Any questions, comments or concerns regarding the Hulmeville SC fields, nets, lines, trash removal, portable toilets, vandalism, lighting, grass cutting, etc.


Any questions, cocerns or comments about the referees at Hulmeville SC.


Any questions or concerns regarding membership, fees, dues, cancellation of membership, etc.


All coaches must report their game scores to this address after the game.  Any questions about a game score can be sent here as well.


Any questions, comments or concerns relating to Hulmeville SC Travel teams.



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